Top Places you must visit when you are coming to Udaipur Rajasthan

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April 27, 2018

Top Places you must visit when you are coming to Udaipur Rajasthan

Best Taxi Service in Udaipur

Best Taxi Service in Udaipur

Taxi Services in Udaipur listed below Top Places you must visit when you are coming to Udaipur Rajasthan
1. Sukhadiya Circle

It has a very amazing garden and large 3-tiered source encircled by a pond, that looks magical in the night. If you desire to enjoy your evening with locals, this is a place to be. The circle is enclosed by ious food stalls and juice corners selling everything from Pav Bhaji, Chhole-Bhature, Burgers to Milk shakes and juices.

2. Bagore Ki Haveli
It is situated at the Gangori Ghat of Lake Pichola. This palace has in hundreds of rooms, with amazing displays of costumes and modern art. The spectacles and mirrors were expansively  used in the interiors of Haveli.
3. Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal
To conduct the studies on folk art, culture, songs and festivals of regions like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh etc this Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal has been established to restore a vanishing folk culture. The institution also consists of a museum which mainly exhibits collection of folk articles from Rajasthan like rural-dresses, ornaments, puppets, masks, dolls, folk musical instruments, folk deities and paintings.
4. Lake Fateh  Sagar
With Lake Pichola this is the second lake within the Udaipur City. The lake area houses three small islands, which is named as Nehru Park with a restaurant and a zoo, a Public Park with an magnificent water-jet fountain and Udaipur Solar Observatory.
5. Jagdish Temple
This is a very big Hindu Temple made of white marble, near the main entrance of City Palace devoted to Lord Vishnu and positioned about 50 meters above the ground level. The temple is highly treasured for the carved images.
 6. Lake Palace
The very Famous Lake Palace is a very renowned luxury hotel of Taj Group which is built on Lake Pichola and is considered as one of the best romantic places in India. One can reach this palace by boat from a jetty near the City Palace. It is built with white marble, which gives you a royal and luxurious experience.  As a visitor, one cannot enter this hotel.
7. Lake Pichola

It’s especiallity is that it is corned on all sides by grand palaces, granite temples, local houses, Dark hills. This lake is very popular and sums to the religion of Udaipur.  One must stay at any hotel which is lake facing and can cherish the beauty of lake by just standing there. This lake is famous for its numerous palaces and their reflections in the water, so to experience this one must take a boat-ride.

 8. City PalaceA Big and enormous palace positioned near by the Lake Pichola, may not possess very extraordinary exteriors, but one must enter inside,  to analyze its beauty and grace with no comparison.  Its architecture is a fusion of the Rajasthani and Mughal’s royal presence and this palace can also considered as a city within the city. This famous City Palace tends to be a magnet for tourists.

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